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The Austrian Emperor Joseph II.

Enlightened monarch and passionate traveler

Who is this charming gentleman you come across time and again in the Hotel Josefshof am Rathaus? He elegantly opens the door to your room, ensures peace, when you want to sleep in or helps you to select a wine to your taste at our hotel bar.

It is our familiar spirit the enlightened Austrian Emperor Joseph II., son of Maria Theresa, enlightened monarch and great reformer, whom we have chosen as testimonial of our hotel.

Joseph II. was a passionate traveler, who liked to visit the Josefstadt, which at the time was still one of Vienna's suburbs. It is also known that he loved to play cards anonymously at an inn in the Josefsgasse next to the Josefstor.

To this day, you will find Joseph's traces in many places in Vienna: When visiting the famous Wiener Prater or walking through the baroque Augarten, remember that the opening of these imperial hunting grounds for the "common people" goes back to Joseph II.

The "Alte AKH" close to the Hotel Josefshof am Rathaus, which now serves as a university campus, was built under Joseph II. as well. It was one of the most modern hospitals in Europe at this time. Today you can find some nice pubs and beer gardens there. In courtyard no. 2 and on the Josefsplatz at the Vienna Hofburg a monument reminiscent of Joseph II. is situated.

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