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The history of the hotel


Steeped in culture and history is the ground on which the Hotel Josefshof at the town hall stands today. Residential houses were first mentioned here as early as 1708. Then, during the Gründerzeit at the end of the 19th century, the present patrician houses were built. Later, the Palmers company produced the finest stockings for the whole world at this location.


In 1983, houses No. 4 and No. 6 were converted into a hotel and opened a year later as the "Hotel Josefshof". Its charming old-Viennese atmosphere and convenient location to the city center ensured great popularity with guests from all over the world from the very beginning. Thus, in the course of the last 30 years, the original 43 rooms were expanded and the hotel was extended by the building at Josefsgasse No. 8.


Today, the Hotel Josefshof am Rathaus is a privately run elegant 4-star hotel with a special flair. Located in the historic artists' quarter of Josefstadt and close to Vienna's major cultural venues, it is no surprise that famous artists also enjoy being our guests. Author Umberto Eco, fashion icon Vivienne Westwood, actor Karl Heinz Böhm, pianists Sviatoslav Richter and Friedrich Gulda, singers Wolfgang Brendel or Hubert von Goisern, Max Raabe and his Palastorchester as well as the Real Group have already graced us with their presence. So if a well-known personality is sitting at the next table at breakfast, don't be surprised. This is quite normal at the Hotel Josefshof am Rathaus.

The Austrian Emperor JOSEPH II.

Who is this charming gentleman who you meet again and again at the Hotel Josefshof am Rathaus? The one who elegantly opens the door to your room, who ensures peace and quiet when you want to have a good night's sleep, or who helps you choose a wine to your taste in our hotel bar. It is the Austrian Emperor Joseph II, son of Maria Theresa, enlightened ruler and great reformer, whom we have chosen as a good house spirit for our hotel.

Joseph II was a passionate traveler and also liked to stay in Josefstadt, which at that time still belonged to the Viennese suburbs. It is said that he often played cards incognito in the inn at the beginning of the Josefsgasse directly at the Josefstor.

Gemälde von Anton von Maron

To this day, you will encounter Joseph's traces in many places in Vienna: When you visit the famous Vienna Prater or stroll through the baroque Augarten, remember that the opening of these imperial hunting grounds to the "common people" goes back to Joseph II.

Also the "Old AKH", which is close to the Hotel Josefshof at the City Hall and today serves as Unicampus and where you can find some nice pubs and beer gardens, was built under Joseph II and was one of the most modern hospitals in Europe at that time. In the courtyard 2 of the "Old AKH" as well as on the Josefsplatz near the Vienna Hofburg you will find a monument commemorating Joseph II.

Gemälde von Anton von Maron