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Art and culture in the Josefstadt

History-charged houses with lots of flair

Famous actors, artists and politicians have become dear regulars over the past decades and enjoy returning to our house for many years. With a bit of luck you may be finding yourself sitting next to some of them in our beautiful courtyard. 

Ever since, the Josefstadt is home to some of Austria’s most celebrated artists like Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt, Johann Strauss, Josef Lanner, Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach, Arthur Schnitzler, Anton Wildgans, Heimito von Doderer, H.C. Artmann, Nikolus Harnoncourt and many more. The Josefstadt is a special district with a lot of character that has inspired the work of many artists.

Ödön von Horváth was inspired by the Josefstadt in his world-famous piece ‘Tales of the Vienna Woods’ when he writes about a quite street in the 8th district where he imagines a clinic of dolls, a tobacco store and a butcher. This so-called quite street quite literally is today´s Lange Gasse around the corner from our hotel. On house number 29 you can still see the balcony of the magic king. Even our very own house has a history to tell: House number 6, established in 1863 used to be known as the house ‘Zum Roten Herzen’. Going even back to 1709 is house number 4 ‘Zum heiligen Michael’. In the 1900s with the rise of Jugendstil (Art Deco) the so-called Patrizier houses were built. In the 1920s and 30s a former Viennese daily newspaper´s headquater was situated in the building. Thereafter, the site was rebuilt as a Palmers factory, distributing some of the finest stockings worldwide.

In 1983 the former "Gründerzeit" the building was renovated to our Josefshof hotel. Only one year after the grand opening was celebrated. Early on our hotel was a hot spot for guests from around the globe. Over the last 30 years the hotel was expanded from its original capacity of 43 rooms to today’s 164 rooms.

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